December 16, 2017

Top 3 Tips For Surviving The Insanity Workout


#1 Set the pace, do what YOU can do

This was partly mentioned yesterday as far as your expectations, today we will dig a little deeper (pun intended =D).

You’re in this to get results right? You want to see changes and you want to feel better? I’m guessing you want to experience these results for a long time, perhaps a life-time right?

The great news is – You can!

Just like the title says, you must set the pace so that each day you are striving a LITTLE harder. Don’t go at this like superman/woman. Give your body the daily challenges but take it at a pace that will allow you to continue showing up day after day.

It’s very useful to pick a move from each DVD that you dread. You know, the one that makes you huff and puff and, in the beginning, most likely makes you want to vomit also (been there). Do that move to the best of your ability and take note (on paper) of how many reps you were able to do or how long you were able to last without taking a break.

You’ve just set the pace. Everytime you do that DVD in the future you will strive to improve your previous goal by 1-3 reps or last just 1-5 more seconds. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you improve when you set small goals and keep improving incrementaly.

Don’t go all or nothing! Instead go as hard as you can right now and take notes. Take notes. Oh yeah, take notes! If you do not write down these benchmarks you WILL forget. Remember, just choose the hardest move for you in each DVD, write it down, and each time you do it try to beat your previous results by just a little, not a lot.

Do this over a period of 63 days and you will be AMAZED at what you can now do!

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#2 Create small challenges (7-14 days at a time)

This one is INCREDIBLY powerful! Yes, the entire 63 days in the Insanity Workout schedule is not incredibly long, right? I mean it’s really only 2 months. Trust me, the days tend to drag out especially once you get to month 2 where the workouts become MAX (aka A LOT harder).

Instead of focusing on the entire picture at once, create small goals to accomplish. Just like each workout you push a little bit harder than the last time, what you’ll do here is ONLY focus on the next 7-days. Or perhaps only 2-weeks.

  • i.e. Instead of saying you are doing Insanity and you are on day 4 of 63 you would say, “I am on day 4 of 7”. Then on day 7 you will rest and the next week you will begin another 7-day challenge. 7-days is EASY to stick too and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the entire 2 months goes by when you only focus on 1 week at a time.

Alternatively, you may set your stepping stone goal as 2 weeks so that way you can do the Fit Test at the end of each goal.

  • i.e. Instead of saying you are doing Insanity and you are on day 4 of 63 you would say, “I am on day 4 of 14”. Rinse and repeat 4 times and you’ve completed the program! Make sense?

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#3 Get R & R

So it’s all about pushing HARD, kicking butt, and taking names… Right?


Fitness is destructive and Insanity is no exception. This workout is extreme and very high impact. Set your pace for what YOU can do and focus on form (quality) over quantity (high reps).

The workouts are what break down your muscles (hence the soreness). Your Rest and Recovery is where the true results happen. You NEED the fitness to signal your body to grow, you feed it high quality foods from the Insanity nutrition guide to give it the essential building blocks it needs, and you get rest (sleep is very important) to prompt your body to put it all together!

Don’t neglect rest days, stretching, proper nutrition, and absolutely get your sleep. Quality sleep lends to quality workouts and quality results. Lack of rest and you’ll likely over train, get sick, and/or just lose your motivation.

Do what it takes (get R&R)!


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Tomorrow you will uncover the most common mistake just about every one makes and how to overcome it!


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