December 16, 2017

How To Take Your Insanity Results To The Next Level

What To Do After You Finish Insanity

First off, Congratulations! Seriously! You have done what few people will actually see through until the end. Be proud and don’t forget to take your final day pictures! If you purchased the official copy of Insanity through Team Beachbody than you can submit your before/afters and receive a free Insanity t-shirt! Click this link for the PDF file which explains the details.

After Insanity | Basic Option

So you’re done. What do you do now? There really are 2 main options that I will recommend since we are talking about Insanity (Do Insanity again or go to the next level – more on that on the bottom of the page). The first thing you could do is simply start over again! In fact, after finishing month 2 (the MAX workouts) when you go back into month 1 you will notice how much shorter the workouts are. But that doesn’t mean you take month 1 easy in your second round! Remember how I talked about setting small goals? Now is the time to push even harder and to truly master these workouts! Bust your goals apart! Make them unrecognizable! You now have the strength and endurance to do just that.

Now you can REALLY push hard since the first month in your second round will seem almost kind of “easy”. Or you could start the MAX phase all over again. Just start your 3rd month back over again at the beginning of the second phase. Make sense? So you could do Phase 1, Phase 2 (complete Insanity), then do Phase 2 again taking your to 90-days.

Extreme Option

Not good enough? Awesome! You’re exactly the Insaniac I am looking for! Did you know Shaun T created the next level of Insanity? It’s call Insanity: Asylum and it’s a 30-day sports drill oriented program. I didn’t realize how important it was to complete the first Insanity before moving into Asylum until I literally just completed a 63 day round in May 2012. I had forgotten how much Insanity prepares you for the Asylum. Seriously DO NOT start with Asylum – It is NOT for beginners and I highly recommend finishing Insanity before taking the next step.

Look up in the navigation bar on this site and you will notice a lot of info about Asylum including clips I shot of me actually going through some of the actual DVDs. You’ll see just how Insane it is. Basically it takes everything you learned from Insanity and incorporates some equipment in the form of an agility ladder, a speed rope, and much more refined advanced movements.

If Insanity is “Insane” than Asylum is just plain nuts! So if you really want to take your Insanity results to the next level and you want a greater challenge, order Asylum and prepare for war!

Also, if you have not tried Shakeology yet now is the time to add it to your Asylum routine. Your body will perform at it’s peak levels with proper nutrition and a Shake a day just makes it simple.

You can order Asylum AND Shakeology in a Challenge pack to earn free shipping and a reduced bundle price. I do get commissions and I appreciate your support. However, I share this stuff because it’s what I DO, not just what I talk about. I share what I have in my own home and what I put in my body.

Go to the next level and get the Asylum Challenge Pack including Shakeology

Or just order Insanity Asylum WITHOUT Shakeology