December 16, 2017

Shaun T Insanity Workouts | Fast & Furious

As if the Insanity Workouts are not insane enough at it is; Shaun T went and created a whole new bonus workout when you purchase the original Insanity Workout program from the Official Team Beachbody store.

Shaun T designed this Fast & Furious workout as a totally new and intense way to squeeze in your Insanity even on a busy day! Shaun say’s you will get a 45 minute workout crammed into a non-stop 20 minute session.

Check out this Insanity Workout Fast & Furious video to see how you can buy Insanity today and get this new bonus workout for FREE!

Click To Buy The Official Insanity Workout

Click To Buy The Official Insanity Workout

Shaun T Insanity Workout VS P90X Workout

Insanity Workout VS P90X Workout

Which is better: Shaun T Insanity Workout OR the P90X Workout? It’s a BIG question and rightfully so, both offer extreme fitness at home BUT how similar are they, which one should you buy, and most important of all; Which gives the best results – The Insanity Workout OR the P90X workout?

It’s actually a simple break down and comparison so let’s take a look at each program and then determine which is for you.

Shaun T Insanity Workout Program

  • 60-days
  • No additional equipment (Just you, gravity, and the fortitude to show up)
  • More jumping, higher impact, no weight training
  • Built for speed, endurance, and cardiovascular strength
  • No chin ups and high energy

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P90X Workout Program

  • 90-days
  • Additional equipment needed (weights, yoga mat, and chin up bar)
  • Based on weight training, lower impact (except plyometrics), cross training (weights, yoga, cardio)
  • Build for muscular strength, muscle building (but only if you want it), and balance
  • Lots of chin ups and most workouts are at a medium pace

The Break Down

The thing is that the Shaun T Insanity Workout and the P90X workout are similar in intensity BUT completely different at approach. Neither are built for the absolute beginner BUT can be modified by a beginner until able to take on the full program.

The Insanity workout is for those who don’t have extra for equipment, can’t do chin ups, and don’t want to lift weights. Insanity will build cardiovascular strength, heart strength, and fast-twitch muscle groups for speed.

The P90X workout targets a total body conditioning approach which a balance on weight lifting, balance, and cardio. P90X is for those who want more muscle building potential, like to do chin ups, and have extra room for additional equipment.

Now you should have a good idea of which program is for you. Now is time to get started! Click either program image below to be directed to the Official Team Beachbody Store so that you can be sure to get all included bonuses AND the 30-day money back guarantee JUST IN CASE you happened to choose one but decide you want to do the other.

Shaun T Insanity Workout

Insanity Workout Program

  • Full 60-Day Insanity Workout Program
    FREE Elite Nutrition Guide
    FREE Insanity Calendar
    FREE Bonus Workout (Insanity Fast & Furious)
  • Price $119.85

P90X Workout

P90X Workout

  • Full 90-Day P90X Workout Program
  • P90X -Phase Nutrition Guide
  • P90X Fitness Guide
  • 2 FREE Bonus Workouts (From P90X One On One)
  • Price $119.85

Insanity Workouts

Simple put, the Insanity Workouts are HARD! This program is LOADED with 10 different insanity workout DVD’s, which combined, make the Insanity Workout the most intense and extreme workout program you have ever seen!

It doesn’t matter who you are, you WILL take breaks, you WILL be tested, and you WILL sweat buckets of nasty toxin filled sweat out of your body during each and EVERY Insanity workout DVD!

Use the navigation bar to check out each insanity workout dvd individually. You may even find some Live video examples of some of these extreme workouts so you can see if you are reeeeally ready!

Insanity Workouts

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