December 16, 2017

How To Recover When Disaster Strikes Your Insanity Workouts


#1 Continuing after missing workouts

This is one of the most common disasters that, in the end, stops more people short of their goals than really anything else. To many times have I recieved the emails asking, “Hey, I missed 3 days of Insanity – Should I start over, keep going, etc??”.

The great news is your body is smarter than you think! If you missed 3 days just pick up where you should be on the calendar like nothing ever happened! Then just extend your schedule on the back-end (I’ll share an example in a moment).

Just because you miss a workout or even a week doesn’t mean your body is going to revert to where you were on day 0. Sure your endurance and motivation may be down a little but just keep going. Remember day 1 in this email series?

In case you don’t I’ll remind you that it’s in moments like these where your reflect on your “why”. You will remember that you are in this to change your life and you won’t let little disasters like missing some workouts totally ruin you.

  • i.e. Say you made it to day 9 which was on a Monday (in example) and then you got lazy, busy, had to move, got called into work, etc and you missed day 10-12. So now it’s Friday and you are ready to get back at it.

Here is what you do:

Start on Friday on the scheduled workout for that day just as though you never fell off track. Just pick up and keep going. Now this situation may be different if you miss an entire month but 1 day to a week shouldn’t affect your goals.

If you feel bad about missing those workouts just extend the end of your month 1 by those extra days before taking your fit test on day 30. So in the above example you missed 3 days so you would just extend the end of the first month before your half way fit test by those 3 extra workouts. So essentially your first month would be 33 days before taking the half-way fit test.

DO NOT “make up” workouts by trying to do 2 workouts a day. All you will do is burn out and get frustrated. Just pick up and keep going.

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#2 Getting sick in the middle

Should you keep going when you get sick? Say you have a cold and you feel a little under the weather, your head hurts, your body aches, and you have very little energy.

Guess what?

REST! Remember day 3 in this email series we talked about R&R? Well this is even more so important when your body is ill. Your immune system is weak and fitness will only stress it more. Instead just go for light walks and get your sleep, sleep more, and then sleep.

Let your body recover. You will know when you are on the back end of being sick. That’s when you ease back into your workouts, taking the first couple days at an easier pace being careful not to go 110%. Maybe more like 70-80%.

You’ll be able to gauge on your second day back into your Insanity schedule after being sick if you are ready to push with 110% intensity or not. Listen to your body, it will tell you exactly what you need to know.

Tip: Just because your body is ill does not mean you cannot focus on your nutrition. Chances are you won’t have much of an appetite anyway so this is where you focus on eating clean. Enjoy small portions of lean meats, veggies, and fruits. Fruits will expecially help get some much needed blood sugar into your system in the absence of solid meals.

Consider adding Shakeology twice a day, once in the morning and once at night to aid in your nutrition while you recover. Even if you can’t eat much at least you can drink some Shakeology to get in some dense highly nutritious calories. Learn about Shakeology & try it risk free for 30-days here

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#3 Traveling

So you’re on the road or going to be hitting the road here shortly? This really leaves you with 2 options…

  1. Forget your “why” like the average person would do and use the disastrous excuse, “well, I’m on vacation” or
  2. Remember you are NOT average and you are willing to do what it takes to get to those goals you set for yourself. That doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy an extra drink or a couple bits of that amazing chocolate cheese cake BUT don’t let yourself go on auto pilot.

Self-awareness of EVERY choice you make will lead to a better life, the life you’ve imagined for yourself right? Don’t let that lay to waste just because “i’m on vacation”. That’s bull crap, period.

The great thing with Insanity is that the workouts are relatively short and you don’t need any extra equipment. So, get up a little extra early in your hotel room or head to the on-site gym and find some space. You will LOVE yourself when you get that workout in even while on vacation and you will have peace of mind all throughout the day.

DO NOT put your workouts off while traveling. Get them done ASAP in the morning, that should be your priority! I don’t know about you but when I am traveling (which is often) if I don’t do my workout early I won’t do it at all. Activities quickly fill up your time so do it first thing. Listen, even if you only do 15 minutes and turn off the DVD you will feel SO MUCH BETTER than not doing anything at all.

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“Do what it takes to overcome disaster”


P.S. Nutrition is the KEY to optimal results. Using the Insanity meal guide will help you build meals for success but that still may not be enough. You should strongly consider adding the highly potent, nutrient dense Shakeology once a day either as a meal replacement or as a snack. Many people experience greater results when they begin pairing Shakeology with their Beachbody fitness program. Learn about Shakeology & try it risk free for 30-days here


Pay it forward – Sharing your story for extreme accountability! So now that you’re feeling amazing and your fitness/health life is back on track find out how important it is to pay it forward. Trust me, after you complete your first round of Insanity you’ll want to share it with everyone how amazing you feel (and probably look too). Tomorrow you’ll find out 4 ways to share your story to help others get to where you are which will ultimately keep YOU going on your own journey!

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