February 17, 2018

My Insanity Fit Test Results!


It’s actually been a little while since I have used the Insanity workouts as I have been incorporating programs like P90X and Insanity Asylum. But, nevertheless today I decided to see where my current fitness level is at. Actually the funny part of this story is that I woke up this morning to the Insanity infomercial! After seeing all that craziness and the man, Shaun T laying it out, I HAD no option but to go for it!

In this post I’ll include my numbers and a progress picture. Keep in mind I haven’t even done Insanity workouts for probably at least 6 months. Like I said above I was using Insanity Asylum (the program following Classic Insanity) but those workouts are different. I LOVE Asylum as it’s very “functional” and sports conditioning oriented while the classic Insanity workout is just balls to the walls cardio conditioning.

My current physical progressMy fit test results are…

  1. Switch Kicks x62 every other kick = 1
  2. Power Jacks x53
  3. Power Knees x93
  4. Power Jumps x46
  5. Globe Jumps x12
  6. Suicide Jumps x22
  7. Push-ups Jacks x32
  8. Low Plank Oblique x36 every other = 1

I am quite happy with my numbers and honestly since it had been awhile I took the pace slower than I could have (excluding the globes jumpers – I gave those everything left in my quads).

So it seems all the spartan training, Insanity Asylum, and P90X has kept my conditioning up! I’ll be hitting the Classic Insanity workouts over the next 2 weeks to really kick up the cardio and then I will do the fit test again! Stay tuned!

“Do what it takes to get results!”

Jason Croxford
Insanity Survivor
Star Diamond Independent Beachbody Coach

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