December 16, 2017

How To Keep The Momentum, Get Extreme Accountability, & Help Others Do The Same


#1 Now that you’ve overcome many obstacles, share it

It’s such common place to hear of individuals completing (or sometimes being only part way through) the Insanity workouts and being so passionate about it they want to tell everyone and everything.

Just like this very email series you have been going through is a culmination of my experience mixed with my passion for Insanity. I have personally completed this program and have moved on to the next level of Insanity: Asylum to keep it going (more about that tomorrow).

Less people make it through the obstacles faced during this program than you may think. Sure, 63 days or 2 months may seem short but often times “life happens“. Most likely you experienced difficulties and situations that may have thrown you off course. Of course perhaps you are just getting started and this series of emails has been a way for you to learn from my personal experiences. In that case just know you WILL be challenged – Be ready and be aware!

Just like I am paying it forward you will naturally want to do the same. It’s very rare that’s someone completes the Insanity workout and says, “OK, time to go back to my old life“. Trust me, it’s more than just a physical change! You will have an entire emotional and physical change beyond what you can imagine IF you do what it takes to stick through it!

It will be natural to share with your friends and family how you have been able to radically change your life. In fact, you will even tell strangers in person, on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It’s a natural step in getting your results to share & help others go through the journey just like you. Now I am going to share with you the next step in your journey if you choose to accept it. This is your way to pay it forward to help others benefit and a way for you to benefit at the same time creating a win-win situation.

I am about to share what many people take as the next step in their journey to help others and to in turn stay SUPER accountable beyond Insanity (or maybe in a second round).

Warning: This may not be for you but it’s something to strongly consider. If it’s not for you, that’s cool! Tomorrow you will learn what to do after completing the Insanity workout, what’s the next step in your fitness, and how can you keep the Insanity going!

But until tomorrow…

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#2 Become part of a Team of others just like you

You now have the passion to take the next step in your journey. The next step is to become part of an ever growing Team of individuals just like you! All who are on a journey through health and fitness and in turn share with others to create extreme accountability and the absolute best chances for continued success.

Remember in Day 1 I shared how to create the best environment? This is the place to do that! The great thing is you can participate online in Team Allegiance. We are currently 223 strong in a closed Facebook group and all share a couple things in common:

  • We started a fitness journey with Beachbody products
  • We are all currently on a day-by-day life transformation with health/fitness
  • We all committed to sharing our journey with others with the “fitness first” mindset

Plus we all took one more step to commit to this journey and in a turn it has become a way for us to earn an income for sharing…

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#3 The next step, Becoming a Coach and creating challenges

We all are Beachbody Coaches! This is certainly not required but highly recommended that you at least take some time to consider the possibilities.

Don’t worry, the Coach term is simply used to define what we do but not what we are. You are not required to have a special certification, you don’t have to be ripped or be a model, and you don’t need a ton of extra time. You simply have to want to share with others, help them start with Insanity, and give them the support & encouragement to continue.

As I started my journey (originally with P90X – Insanity wasn’t out yet) I was a broke, out of shape, World of Warcraft playing kid who waited tables at Red Robin. This defied who I was at home trying to build a life of health/wellness when in turn I was selling people burgers, fries, and sugar infused beverages.

I was only a week into my new life journey and went online to search for others who had been where I currently was (just like you did to be getting this information).

I discovered Beachbody Coaching from another Coach who was simply sharing with me just like I am with you.

Long story short 3 years down the road I do this Coaching full time by creating small monthly challenge groups of only 5 people. I find those who are willing to change their own lives and I share a solution. When they start their journey I earn a commission from their purchases to help me continue moving forward and they get the tools to change their lives. It’s win/win and you can do the same.

The LAST THING this is, is selling!

I’ll leave you with this before I share the next steps.

IF you only see $$ then DO NOT join my Team! We are not about money but about friendships and sharing. If you focus on helping others obtain what you have, even if you’re only on day 1, you will get what you want naturally. This is not a business of selling but a business of sharing.

Can you share your story?

On that note I have a step for you to take if you so choose. I don’t want you to become a Coach on my Team until I know more about you, what you’ve gone through, and what you stand for.

In the form below tell me why you want to be on Team Allegiance. Share the goals you are aiming for and the obstacles you’ve overcome. Tell me what an extra income would do for you and your family? That’s it.

At that point we will move from there.

“Do what it takes to share the passion”


Don’t wait, send me a message right now and we will work together to determine if Coaching is for you and if you are right for Team Allegiance.

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Continuing the Insanity? What should you do now that you’ve completed Insanity? What’s next? Tomorrow you will find out exactly what to do! You will discover the next step from Insanity and find out if you are ready to enter the Insanity:Asylum!

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