December 16, 2017

How To Fuel The Fire For Optimal Results


#1 Use the nutrition guide

Isn’t it cool that Beachbody included an awesome dust collector that you can easily place on your book shelf? =D

You’d be surprised how often I get asked how to get results with Insanity and when I ask if that person is following the nutrition guide they say, “well, I looked at it”.

Looking at it won’t help. Just like watching the Insanity infomercial over and over again won’t get you results. It’s not in the intent that will give you the results you crave, it’s in the action and in the doing daily of the lame, boring, mundane things that will lead to your success!

That guide is there for a reason! Beachbody knows it’s not JUST about fitness. You also need to have a focus on nutrition.

i.e. If you finish your workout and recover with a twinky and cigarette you’re kidding yourself. Just give up for now and get your mind right. Or more realistically maybe your still drinking soda, eating fast food in a crunch, and/or microwaving your favorite Hungry Man dish (aka salt cube) for dinner.

Do yourself a favor and read through the Insanity meal guide AT LEAST 3 times before even trying to understand it. Though it’s simple, eat clean, eat often, and get results.

But maybe you have a hard time following step by step what the guide lays out? Perhaps you like to do your own thing and prepare your own meals? That’s OK, use the guide as a reference.

If you are a “I’m doing my own thing” kind of person then your solution is in the next tip…

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#2 Michi’s ladder

Michi’s ladder is the absolute perfect tool to preparing prime nutrition fuel! Consider it a reference guide with 5 tiers which each tier representing a certain nutrient quality of foods from ultimate to should be skipped.

Tier 1 lists foods that you can pick and choose from to prepare all of your meals that are of the absolute highest quality. Each subsequent tier degrades in quality until tier 5 which is pretty much what gets most people in bad health situations to start with.

Luckily for you I have included a downloadable PDF (you’ll need Adobe reader to view it) which has the entire Michi’s ladder . As you will read in the PDF, try your absolute best to choose from the top 2 tiers in ALL of your meals and you will have the absolute best chance to get lean, ripper, and sexy.

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#3 Eating clean in a way that tastes good

This is a lesson I learned the hard way. I though I would attempt to eat extremely clean for awhile by forgoing taste for quality. Pretty much I was eating like a rabbit. As much as I love fruit (I have a terrible sweet tooth) I really just DO NOT enjoy vegetables plain.

I tried that for awhile but it just wasn’t realistic as an expectation. I LOVE flavor way to much. Though, I still eat my veggies daily because I know they offer the absolute best fuel for my body I now do it in an enjoyable way.

  • i.e. A little dressing won’t derail your goals. In fact, making good for you foods taste good to you will lead to eating them more often and on a regular basis. The general rule is, if you are going to add dressing to your salad read the label and make ABSOLUTE sure it DOES NOT include hydrogenated oils in any form.

The best rule of thumb is to get an all natural brand in the organic section. Usually those dressing have very little, if any preservatives. Of course use things like dressing in a reasonable manner. Don’t put on 1 cup but instead just enough to make it taste good, so like 1-2 tablespoons at most.

Drink coffee? Don’t use those nasty preservative filled creamers but instead use an organic half & half with just a tad sprinkle of sugar. In fact, you are better off using some regular sugar rather than fake sweeteners like splenda. Just stay aware and keep the sugar to a minimum, just enough to make your coffee enjoyable.

Those are just a few tips but trust me, don’t completely pass up flavor just to choke down the food that you know is good for you. Be creative, use Michi’s ladder as a reference, and just be aware! You’ll notice even the Insanity nutrition guide includes things like Mayo because it’s just not realistic to be a rabbit, add some flavor so you keep coming back for more!

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#4 The Healthiest Meal Of The Day

You want the absolute best for your body right? This one is a no brainer and most likely you have seen the advertisements in your Insanity materials and even at the end of the workout DVDs.

Beachbody is not just marketing some “me-too” shake to get your money. Trust me, I thought that when Shakeology first released and I am a distributor! I was very skeptical as I think we should be as consumers. But listen, once I tried Shakeology I was sold. I have been using it for over a year now almost daily because it’s an integral part of my fitness + nutrition.

You want the best chances for success?

Add the best nutrient dense shake you can into your daily routine. Either by completely replacing a meal if you’re trying to lose weight or by adding as a snack between meals for those trying to maintain or grow. Shakeology is literally the best fuel you can feed your body, hands down.

It’s your choice in the end but it’s highly recommended and well worth the investment for your health. Insanity & Shakeology go hand in hand…

 “Do what it takes to eat right”


P.S. Nutrition is the KEY to optimal results. Using the Insanity meal guide will help you build meals for success but that still may not be enough. You should strongly consider adding the highly potent, nutrient dense Shakeology once a day either as a meal replacement or as a snack. Many people experience greater results when they begin pairing Shakeology with their Beachbody fitness program. Learn about Shakeology & try it risk free for 30-days here


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