December 16, 2017

Top 6 Tips For Getting Started With Insanity (or keeping it going)


#1 The Mindset check

It all starts with your mindset. I truly believe this hence why every single guide you will see me create starts with setting up the right mindset! If you don’t have the mindset to overcome obstacles (more in email #4) and even to accept the new you, you may find yourself back where you started.

You avoid the yo-yo of success/failure in your fitness when you decide to develop a bullet proof mindset. The great news is – It’s EASY!

Simply know WHY you are doing this in the first place. Why did you choose Insanity? Since you chose such an intense program it would seem you are looking to return to a conditioning you use to be in? Or maybe you are training for some like a race, a marathon, military, or just to increase your fitness base. But WHY? Remember that, write it down, and NEVER forget it!

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#2 Setting up expectations

This has something to do with mindset but it deserves it’s own little section. You may have a solid mindset BUT where are your expectations? Even a solid mindset can crumble if you don’t set realistic expectations!

  • Do you expect to magically lose 100 lbs in 63 days of Insanity?
  • Do you expect to keep up with the DVDs in your first week?

Those are just 2 examples of false expectations. Both of those are GOALS for the long term but NOT the right expectations. The fact is you WILL get in better shape with Insanity if you stick it out and put in the work. But set your expectations in a realistic way so that you can celebrate small accomplishments and stepping stones.

  • i.e. Expect to lose 10-15lbs your first 30 days (keep in mind you are also ramping up your metabolism so you will see more drastic changes in the back half, consider it like an “after-burn”).
  • Expect to take no more than 10 breaks during the DVDs in your first 2 weeks. As you progress decrease that number until you can complete an entire workout with only 1-5 breaks.

Those are just 2 examples of achievable expectations. When you achieve each milestone, celebrate your success and then set new goals. Take it one step at a time!

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#3 Environment

It’s VERY important to be in an environment where you can stick to your goals and accept your new life. If you are trying to change your life but yet still going out to the bars on the weekends you will inevitably hurt your results and/or ultimately fail to stick through it.

To create the NEW you it’s crucial that you create a NEW environment that the new you can thrive in. If you play to many games (I used to) uninstall them from your PC, lend your Xbox to your friends, etc. Set yourself up for success!

This may mean you need to spend less time with friends who want to continue living the old way. Example, if your friends just don’t want to motivate or workout but you do, spend less time with them. Your chance for success will directly and indirectly be affected by those your spend the most time with.

This may mean you need to step back and be a little more antisocial. Do what you have to do to change your life. Start spending more time with others doing what you are doing or striving for what you want.

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#4 Accountability

Once you setup your environment the next step is to have others hold you accountable. Of course you will hold yourself accountable but you are only just so strong (even if you are the most strong willed person on the planet you will still have moments of weakness).

Don’t just say your commitment, share it! Tell you absolute best friend, tell your family, post it on your Facebook wall, etc.

Once great way to stay accountable is to use a wall calendar where you can put a BIG GREEN Check on every day you stick to your goals. On a day you miss, fill in a BIG RED X. Nobody likes to see red X’s – Especially the new you! (if you do though that is not the end – More on this in email #4)

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#5 Pictures

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT steps. Remember, you see your body every day and so you may not see the small changes that happen over time. When you take pictures on day 1 (or wherever you are now) you will have a benchmark. There is nothing like putting a day 1 and a day 30 picture side by side to see the different muscle popping out and the love handles fading. Trust me, take your pictures if even only for you.

Make sure to take new pictures every 2 weeks (or even every week) with the same camera, same lighting if you can, and same angles.

6 recommended angles are:

  1. facing the camera, hands by side.
  2. facing camera, arms flexed above head
  3. back to camera, hand by side
  4. back to camera, arms flexed above head
  5. side profile left, arms at side
  6. side profile right, arms at side

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#6 Fit test

Did you take your fit test? Just like your pictures your fit test numbers will represent your physical progress. Even if you don’t see much changing on the outside you can bet (if you’re showing up with intensity everyday) you’re getting stronger and faster.

Take your day 1 fit test and make sure to take it every 2 weeks like the Insanity schedule lays out. This is an important bench mark that gives you something to shoot for!

More about setting benchmarks to shoot for in email #2 tomorrow. In the mean time make sure to complete each of these steps. Take time to think through your mindset and expectations to see how you measure up.

Do what it takes to get start (or to keep going)!


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