December 16, 2017

Introducing Shaun T Focus T25: Insanity Workout Intensity In 25 Minute Workout


This post is in 2 parts. The first will show you what T25 is. The 2nd will show you how to get it in your hands for a limited time discount PLUS a bonus for ordering through this website.

#1 This is for all the Insanity Workout survivors and also those who have attempted the challenge. Shaun T has done the unthinkable and created a brand spanking new program with all the Insanity Workout intensity but only 25 minute workouts.

I won’t spend much time explaining as the following video will show you everything.

#2 For the final days of July, 2013 you will be able to get a killer discount on the T25 Challenge Pack which also includes the dense daily nutritional shake Shakeology. You will get a 30-day supply to help enhance your daily nutrition by drinking 1 shake a day following each workout. Many Insanity Survivors find that by adding Shakeology daily they are able to achieve greater health and well being by losing weight, sleeping better, and having better digestion to name a few.


Order the T25 Challenge Pack (which comes with your flavor choice of Shakeology) at the Team Beachbody discounted price of $180 (Free Shipping) before the price goes up. After midnight on July 31st the price will raise to retail of $205.


Use the links provided through this site to purchase the T25 Challenge Pack before midnight July 31st, 2013 and you will receive a FREE supply of E&E Beachbody’s premiere pre-workout supplement (a $29.95 value). Use this 15-20 minutes before each workout to super-charge your energy even on days when you feel slow, sluggish, and tired. Once you drink a serving of E&E you will become energized and ready to tackle your 25-minute workout.

Disclaimer: To take advantage of Bonus 2 you must be a NEW customer of Team Beachbody in the US or Canada and NOT an existing Team Beachbody Coach. You must order through this site by following any of the links in this post to the official Team Beachbody store. When you place your order you will be prompted to create a FREE Team Beachbody account. This will link you to your FREE Team Beachbody Coach “BetterBody90” or Jason Croxford.

Then you must send a quick email to to let me know you want your bonus 2 E&E. I will confirm your order and once confirmed I will ship your free tub of E&E to the address used when you ordered your T25 Challenge Pack. You will most likely receive your E&E a few days after you receive your T25 Challenge Pack as I will have that bonus shipped to you after confirming your order through this site.


Click Here To Order Focus T25 Challenge Pack



Ok, 1 more bonus! After completing the steps above you will also be invited to join an exclusive “Survive The Insanity” T25 focus group on Facebook. This group will be private and only for those who follow the above steps. In this group you will have direct access to your FREE Team Beachbody Coach and also like-minded individuals all taking the Focus T25 Challenge. Now you will have the support and encouragement to help you succeed the T25 Challenge.


Click Here To Order Focus T25 Challenge Pack


Don’t wait! If you feel this is for you and you want to claim all of your bonuses you must order BEFORE Midnight July 31st, 2013. No exceptions.

Keep in mind the T25 Challenge Pack has a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you feel it’s just not for you or wasn’t what you thought it was, return it with 30-days, and Team Beachbody will give you your money back. No questions asked.

PLUS, keep your FREE E&E as a gift.

Shaun T Insanity Workouts | Fast & Furious

As if the Insanity Workouts are not insane enough at it is; Shaun T went and created a whole new bonus workout when you purchase the original Insanity Workout program from the Official Team Beachbody store.

Shaun T designed this Fast & Furious workout as a totally new and intense way to squeeze in your Insanity even on a busy day! Shaun say’s you will get a 45 minute workout crammed into a non-stop 20 minute session.

Check out this Insanity Workout Fast & Furious video to see how you can buy Insanity today and get this new bonus workout for FREE!

Click To Buy The Official Insanity Workout

Click To Buy The Official Insanity Workout