February 17, 2018

About Trainer Shaun T

So who is Shaun T besides just being the mastermind behind the intense and rightfully named Insanity Workout Program. You may not know that Shaun T is widely known for many workout programs you probably haven’t even heard of!

A little background

Shaun T is native to New Jersey and last known residing in New York City. His roots of training actually sprouted from his love of dance at Rowan University where he also graduated with a BS in Sports Science and a minor in Theater/ Dance.

His extensive resume includes television appearances and live stage theater productions. His credits include original cast and workshop crew on the musical version The Ten Commandments; Pippin; and also Applause. Some of his TV appearances include TV shows like HBO’s Six Feet Under and  The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to name just a few.

Besides Shaun T’s Insanity Workout

Besides Insanity Shaun T created Hip Hop Abs in February 2007 which is designed specifically for your abs. In 2008, Shaun T released Rockin’ Body. However, amongst Shaun T’s line of workout programs the Insanity Workout tops the list as his most extreme fitness series to date, released in July 2009. Who knows what will be next?? Shaun T’s Insanity sets the level higher than any other home workout program on the market today!

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